Awareness mindfulness with alertness

February 7, 2014 Dhyan 0 Comments

Awareness mindfulness

Just by being aware you can enter the world of meditation.  Watchfulness and witnessing is the method to increase your


Just doing something mechanically, you miss the point.

That is why the zen masters have devised so many ceremonies for simple day to day things like drinking tea and washing clothes.

Tea ceremonies are so beautiful, so poetic!

Just simple things of day to day life needs to be celebrated. That is meditation!

Meditation means dhyan:

Meditation is not something you do for a while and forget all about it the remaining part of the day.It is a way of living, a new way to

see the world.

Be in wonder

Normally, you take everything for granted. The morning sunrise, evening sunset, rain, wind…everything!

Look at the children!  For them, everything is new! Everything is exciting!

There is wonder in their eyes, there is something darting in their being!

Grow in Meditation

Meditation is the seed, when sowed with proper care, grows as a tender plant.

You need to water the plant with love, care and dedication to make it grow into a delicate plant.

Once dhyan starts growing in you, a beacon of light shows you the way ahead.

Yoga Dhyan Center:

It is a place where you could do meditation, yoga and Tai chi.  Alertness, awareness mindfulness are enough to start the

meditation. Once awareness mindfulness takes root in you, you will slowly grow in meditation.

When you meditate regularly, you will slowly emerge from the unconscious to the conscious.
We are happy to present a video by the master himself on meditation!