10 reasons why you should join a yoga class in 2019

January 3, 2019 Yoga 1 Comment

Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center, the place that shows you the method to take life in your hands. The path of the chosen few. Let us welcome 2019 by resolving to do better than 2018 not only in terms of income or health goals but a wholesome approach to life itself. Yoga simply means union. A union of body, mind and soul integrated and relaxed. The aim of yoga practice is to have a healthy mind, a supple body and a joyful soul.  Let us see how to achieve this.

Science has proved that Yoga as a practice done regulary for a period of 3 weeks brings in tremendous changes in the  DNA and the way one thinks.  As a result of doing yoga, there is more focus in life, better sleep in the night and generally less of anxiety in the day to day management of everyday activities. Surprisingly, any physical activity such as gym, jogging and other cardio exercises brings about amazing results if done with enthusiasm and commitment.


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No amount of reading or watching TV programs or Apps on Yoga are going to help you as much as doing it by yourself.  Even 5 minutes of doing something on your own for a few days is going to help you more than merely watching or listening to others perform or carry out the poses. Yoga Dhyan Center is a place where you can learn to practice yoga.  Once you get the confidence of doing the poses, you can practice at home effortlessly.


Yoga is basically very simple and easy to practice.  Normally you will learn pranayama or breathing exercises, Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations as a preparation for doing the poses.  The asanas are of 3 kinds namely forward bending, backward bending and inverted. Once you are aware of your limitations in flexibility, slowly you can improve in your yoga postures. As you go on practicing, your flexibility would improve and you will feel more energetic and focussed.

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You will also learn to be in meditation which is a must as you need to be relaxed and flowing before starting the yoga practices.  Breathing and meditation training increased your watchfullness and alertness.  The more relaxed you are, the better prepared you would be for learning. Every Monday, a new batch starts.  The format of the class is 5 days a week starting from every Monday. Once basic course is completed, you can opt for the review class and fine tune your techniques.


Yoga Image 2Take life in your hands. Dont procastinate and defer the decision.  Intelligence is coming to the present moment and facing life headlong without taking recourse to anything else. Your time is also limited remember. Therefore make a move for joining the class now!