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September 1, 2014 Meditation, Yoga 3 Comments

Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center!


Be light and watchful…

This is your place to do yoga and meditations of different types. The emphasis is on practice.

Practice because practice makes it perfect…er..near perfect. One need not be perfect…need to be only sincere to do the


what is sadhana?

Sadhana means practicing regularly…doing anything regularly such as yoga daily, doing meditations daily, setting aside a time for doing the practice..taichi practice of forms, neigung breathing and qigong practice and exercising, jogging running or any practice that you want to do repeatedly because of its benefits…

Similarly meditation means dhyan, means staying here and now, doing daily chores with love, care and reverence. Dhyan means meditation….dhyan is allowing existence to flow through you, allowing, letting go….every moment is beautiful,every act is sacred, right?

In Yoga Dhyan Center, we do these sadhanas regularly.

Witnessing is a beautiful phenomenon. witnessing means you are watching yourself…as you are doing the meditations, as you eat, as you walk…watch, become aware, be mindful.

Talking is from the head, from the mind, using logic.

That is why in Yoga Dhyan Center, you will see many images of Buddha without the head!

The headless Buddha means functioning from the heart!

Heart centered

Heart center!

Stay in your heart center more often and you will enjoy and appreciate everything…even a small blade of grass dancing in the wind

is beautiful to watch.

Have you watched?

Take a look around, stop judging from the head…accept everything there is, but see only the beauty, laughter and joy.

Have you seen a new born pup?

The more you move into your heart, the more easy it is to watch and witness…


Witnessing is a quality that needs to be developed. As you go on meditating, a subtle witnessing happens in you. Awareness, mindfulness and witnessing will happen with a little bit of nurturing from your side…

We provide a platform in Yoga Dhyan Center for you to practice.

You are important, you are the key….

we are only assisting you in your travel…

Thanks for taking time off to read this about meditations…