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Three ways to boost your lung capacity and immunity

The immunity factor Your immunity plays a major role in successfully warding off or thwarting…

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Build your immunity against bacterial or viral diseases

Immunity what is thy price? You are as healthy as your immunity permits you to…

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COVID-19 Coronavirus prevention concept

The times they are a changing…

The times they are a changing The times they are a changing, is a classic…

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What is the role of Word Pigeon Plugin?

The new WP Plugin Word Pigeon I was wondering if I could find a way…

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What is yoga nidra and how to practice it?

What is yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra is a great stress reduction technique. Regular practice of…

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yoga with nature

How to lead a stress free life?

Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center If you want to live a stress-free life, naturally you…

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Different Types of Yoga Practice

Yoga means union and yet there are so many different types of yoga practice available…

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grazing in relaxation

Transactional Analysis TA – an Introduction

Introduction Welcome to Transactional Analysis! You have taken a momentous decision in your life by…

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the flowering

10 reasons why you should join a yoga practice class in 2019

Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center Yoga Dhyan Center is a place that shows you the…

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Meditation Retreat at SatDarshan Anaikatty

Meditation Retreat:¬†SatDarshan, Anaikatty The meditation retreat at Satdarshan is a picturesque place where the practice…

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