Just listen to your heart. That is your only teacher.

Zen does not talk about God at all, but only of godliness:
a certain quality, a fragrance which is everywhere. Only when you have the capacity to learn will you be able to see it. All that is needed on your part is the capacity to be silent, receptive, welcoming, open.

Facilitation@ Yoga Dhyan Center:

The best way to learn is to teach…
We encourage you to enlist for these facilitation programs. Kindly be on the lookout for program details from time to time here.
Weekend programs: The program will start on Sundays. The aim of the program is to go deep into meditation and silence. There will be walks in wilderness in total silence, soaking in the nature. Since this is to deepen one's understanding of meditation, participants' cooperation and understanding is needed. Preferably silence to be maintained that will be helpful for the participant. Click here

Corporate programs: Corporates interested in sending their team with their Team Leader is most welcome. The team size needs to be around 10-15 max, as more than that may not be feasible. However, in certain cases a maximum of 20 could be accommodated. Click here

A word of caution: The aim of the program remains the same: That is, going deep into meditation and yoga for personal growth and discovery. The team building, cooperation, cohesiveness and other aspects such as communications skills enhancement and so on needs to be specifically spelt out by the corporates by filling in the form for registration.