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Meditation and its methods

Meditation and its methods is a vast subject. Meditation happens when you let go of doing. Doing takes one away from meditation.  In other words, meditation happens when you let go of doing. Therefore moving out of the mind is the beginning of meditation. It happens when you let go of doing.  So to be in a meditative state means you are in a state of ongoing stillness.


Type of meditations

When you say meditation, it means different things to different people. A lot of people think sitting somewhere quietly contemplating something without stirring a bit- frozen, immobile and still. That is to say, sit quietly and you would soon become a Buddha!

Try it and you will find your mind wavering more, starts thinking about all kinds of ideas, people and generally becoming more restless than before.  Sitting quietly where the grass grows by itself is quite another thing. There the idea of letting go is there, where you remain a spectator or better still a witness, watching the thoughts come and go.

With a mind that is akin to the waves of the sea, you can never be in a meditative state. You have to drop your mind and all its ideas of “control.”  The mind wants to control everything including meditation. It says I am in control, I am the doer, I am in charge! This very idea prevents meditation from happening to you. Dhyan is moving out of mind.


We talked about meditations and its definition or description.  There is a practical side to it, that is more important.  The ‘doing’ part! In fact, it is a lot like swimming.  The actual act of swimming is different from describing the pool, the temperature of the water, the costume to wear while swimming and so forth. 

Meditating for 15 to 20 minutes a day is more important than reading lots of books on yoga and dhyan.  The accent is on the practical side. The more time you spend in dhyan, the better.

Active Meditations

There are many meditations like Dynamic, Kundalini and many others like Nataraj Meditation that you could start doing to get a taste of it.  You could also visit many meditation centers across the length and breadth of the country you are living in.

Yoga Dhyan Center is one place where you could join and do these meditations regularly. It is recommended to do these meditations for a period of 21 days at a stretch so that you would get a basic idea of the beautiful journey called life!

Fasten your seat belt and Good luck!

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