I enrolled in a Meditation Retreat in Yoga Dhyan Center. It was life-changing for me and so energizing. I was able to come out of my shell and open up to life’s full spectrum.. Thanks a lot for your effort.

Latha, Senior Nurse

My chattering mind has slowly turned into a quietude after doing these active meditations. It happened not immediately, but over a period. Thanks a lot for introducing me to these meditations.

Amrutha, Teacher

I used to be very anxious and tense during my earlier days. However, after doing these active meditations over a period of time, I felt more peaceful and less anxious. Thank you guys, at Yoga Dhyan Center.

Sujatha, Housewife

I have been doing Osho meditations for many years and found enormous relief from stress and tension during work. I do these active meditations regularly for many years and feel relaxed all the time.

Jayakumar, Realtor

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