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Whenever modifications are possible in one's behavior, it is possible to change from one state to another.

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Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center

If you want to live a stress-free life, naturally you have to adopt a realistic strategy of living with achievable goals. For example, if your goal is to do a list of simple things in life such as allocating 6 hours for work, 1 hour of household chores and 1 hour of quality time with your family, you will certainly feel exhilarated when you make it happen by the end of the day.

On the other hand, if you harbor unrealistic expectations like becoming famous like a movie star or having millions of dollars without working for it or even other far fetched ideas then you are certain to feel depressed and stressed out with your current work

Enter the dragon

Yet we have to manage our lives sensibly and responsibly. Rather than succumbing to gloom and depression, let us look at our lives in close scrutiny.  Are we going to live forever in this world? No certainly not. But as long as we live on this beautiful planet, we need to live happily, joyously and with gratitude for all the good things we have been bestowed with so far.

With the advent of the deadly pandemic spreading across the globe, it is certainly stressful to deal with life, isn’t it?  Who would have ever thought that such a scenario would engulf the world in such a short time?

Yes definitely, we are stressed what with the news of death spreading like wildfire, (after the bloody real forest fire at Australia) causing sorrow to the families of near and dear ones. Let us live in a simple way with simple, healthy food and drinks joyfully.

The practice of Regular Meditation

Now is the time to go inwards and watch what we are doing with our thoughts. Our thoughts come to us like the relentless waves of the sea taking us here and there as if we are just some twigs. The only way out for us is to watch them without judgment, without approval or condemnation. Just remain a witness to our thoughts and allow them to come and go.

Do yoga to be stress-free

There are studies to show, regular yoga practices help in regulating your blood pressure, diabetes, and hosts of other medical conditions we are normally prone to by our unconscious habits of living.

Enroll in an online class of doing yoga for health benefits today. More specifically for your heart and lead a stress-free life. Make use of this lockin period we are all thrown into by the circumstances and live with optimism and hope.

Thanks for reading this post. Please do not hesitate to comment and share if you have anything to say.

Good luck and God be with you.




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Welcome to Transactional Analysis!
You have taken a momentous decision in your life by visiting this page and reading about TA. It is worth every minute you spend in learning about TA.
Just knowing about it empowers you and imagine what is possible when you use these concepts in your life. You are certainly one among the chosen few.

Ever wondered why you behave in a certain way, speak in a certain way in a crux situation? Or regretted saying something nasty to a colleague with whom you are usually friendly? Do you feel there is scope for improvement in your interpersonal relationships?

Evolving for better

Everyone wants to improve in theory but, they don’t do anything about it. Only the chosen few (like you) do something consciously to adapt to changes.
Remember, it is tough to change habits, but you can do it because you are one amongst the chosen few!

Transactional analysis-TA in short provides a framework for you to work on and analyze your social transactions in interpersonal as well as intrapersonal. Of course, whatever you do is strictly not a transaction. For example, all your Activities of Daily Living-ADLs are not transactions.

Breaking free

Primarily what you talk or do indicates the type of person you are. Whether you are talkative or taciturn, go-getter or reticent depends on your very being.
There are many proverbs like “Birds of the same feather flock together.” and “you are known by the company you keep.”

These proverbs are indicative of many traits that we all possess.  We inherit many of our characteristics or characters from our parents, siblings, and peers even. By studying the models or theories of TA, we will be in a position to understand the inherent reasons for our behaviors.

Awareness is the key

Once you become aware of the underlying process of transactions, you will be able to improve on them and develop a spontaneous approach to better ways of communication and relationships.

Transactional Analysis hands-on

The process of understanding the theories behind TA and its practices is fascinating and emotionally fulfilling. There are many ways to become familiar with the methods of transactional analysis-TA. Apart from reading books and doing research on the Internet, there is a practical way to learn by joining a one-day orientation program on TA frequently termed as TA101.

A beautiful sun set

The horizon of transactional analysis…


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