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Senior Citizens

This class is very unique that is tailor-made for the elderly age group. The aim of this class is to provide a safe and secure space for the wonderful seniors. They took care of you when you were younger. Now is the time to repay them by making them enroll for this unique online yoga for seniors.

The format of the Seniors Yoga Class

Delighted to provide an opportunity for the elderly people. They may either be new to yoga and meditation or seeking some support in their life to establish a spiritual practice. The class includes gentle breathing practices, chair assisted yoga poses and mindfulness, visualizations, and chanting along with meditation.

Caring is Healing

The participants learn deep breathing and gentle yoga poses. The benefits are immense as they start engaging in these mindful witnessing. Moreover, Breathing exercises and meditation bring in a calm and quiet milieu for the young at heart learners.

Gentle Yoga is for the elderly and geriatric segment. Modified Surya Namaskar using the support of chairs. There are two variables

  • Sitting on the chair and doing the poses.
  • Taking the chair as a prop and doing the poses.

Furthermore, they enjoy better circulation, oxygenation, and clarity of mind due to the healing powers of chanting. Simply a must for the elderly.

Duration of class

The fee is for 3 classes of 1 hour duration on alternate days using Zoom online method. Once the first week is complete, the participants could either opt for a week or month for a lesser fee per class. it is possible to have a one-to-one class too, depending on the need of the individual participant.