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Guided Meditation

December 8, 2021

This is an amazing class where the instructor takes you on a inner journey. Although there are different techniques available, we will explore a simple path of a voice that gives the instructions to follow.



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    Basic Taichi

    December 8, 2021
    Asian parents, son and daughter exercising outdoors, practicing tai chi

    Taichi is meditation in motion. Starting with gentle movements that flows into another movement in such a way, it forms a beautiful sequence of moves using the feet and arms in a wave-like motion. These gentle movements promote balance and poise. Especially in the elderly, the imbalance and fall is prevented to a great extent.


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      Basic Qi Gong

      December 8, 2021
      Pleasant friendly atmosphere at the qigong training

      Qi Gong offers immense benefits for all age groups including the elderly or seniors. The gentle breathing practices offers immense benefits for all age groups including the elderly or seniors. The gentle breathing practices, helps align your inner circulation of energy and prepares you for meditation which is the ultimate in realizing your true potential.



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        Gentle Yoga for Seniors

        December 8, 2021
        Senior Practicing Yoga In Park

        For the geriatric group, gentle yoga with the support of chairs. The participants learn deep breathing and gentle yoga poses. Benefits are immense as they start engaging themselves meaningfully in breathing exercises and meditation.




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          Hatha Yoga Regular Online

          December 7, 2021
          Young woman practicing asana

          The aim of this class is to provide the students with techniques of basic Asana, breathing practices, and deep relaxation techniques. Surya Namaskar as a 12-step process will be explained and demonstrated.


          Regular Yoga practice helps in one’s focus and activities. In addition, helping in refocusing and moving forward with conviction and belief in your capacities.  Acquiring a clear mind in a healthy, sound body is the Objective.

          Result-oriented approach

          The student will learn, from this program, backward bending Asana, forward bending Asana, and inverted Asana. Since yoga is scientific and result-oriented, the regular practice of yoga brings tremendous change in outlook and positive results.

          Let us learn to do yoga and enjoy its results. Basic Asana, energization techniques, and deep relaxation methods. Online class for 3 hours.




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