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Build your immunity against bacterial or viral diseases

Immunity what is thy price? You are as healthy as your immunity permits you to…

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yoga with nature

How to lead a stress free life?

Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center If you want to live a stress-free life, naturally you…

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Meditation Retreat at SatDarshan Anaikatty

Meditation Retreat:¬†SatDarshan, Anaikatty The meditation retreat at Satdarshan is a picturesque place where the practice…

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How dancing makes one come to the here and now?

Dancing is the quickest way to Here and Now! Have you noticed when you dance…

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Meditation and its methods-how to do the meditation?

Meditation and its methods Meditation and its methods is a vast subject. Meditation happens when…

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Happy people eating fast food in city

Fasting supports meditation and alertness

Fasting Fasting has been associated with the religious practice for a long time. That is,…

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Yoga Dhyan Center for Yoga and meditation

Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center! Yoga and meditation Yoga and meditation go hand in hand…

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Awareness is mindfulness with alertness

Awareness is mindfulness What is awareness? Awareness is the ability to watch your thoughts and…