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Meditation is the practice of staying in the here-now continuum without worrying about the future or wishing for the good things of the past or vice versa.

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Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center

Yoga Dhyan Center is a place that shows you the method to take life in your hands. The path of the chosen few. Let us welcome 2019 by resolving to do better than 2018 not only in terms of income or health goals but a wholesome approach to life itself.

What is Yoga?

Yoga simply means union. A union of body, mind, and soul integrated and relaxed. The aim of yoga practice is to have a healthy mind, a supple body, and a joyful soul.  Let us see how to achieve this.

Regular yoga practice is the Key

Science has proved that Yoga practice if done regularly for a period of 3 weeks brings in tremendous changes in the  DNA and the way one thinks.  As a result of doing yoga, there is more focus in life, better sleep in the night and generally less anxiety in the day to day management of everyday activities.

Surprisingly, any physical activity such as gym, jogging and other cardio exercises brings about amazing results if done with enthusiasm and commitment.


Young woman doing yoga

No amount of reading or watching TV programs or Apps on Yoga is going to help you as much as doing the yoga practice by yourself.  Even 5 minutes of doing something on your own for a few days is going to help you more than merely watching or listening to others perform or carry out the poses.

Yoga Dhyan Center

This is a place where you can learn to practice yoga.  Once you get the confidence of doing the poses, you can practice at home effortlessly.


Learn the asanas

The asanas are of 3 kinds namely forward bending, backward bending and inverted. Normally we will start with Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations as a preparation for doing the poses. Followed by pranayama or breathing exercises, and deep breathing techniques like Deerga Swasam and Meditations.

Yoga on the floor

Group of several people doing yoga exercise on the floor

Yoga is basically very simple and easy to practice.  Once you are aware of your limitations in flexibility, slowly you can improve in your yoga postures. As you go on practicing, your flexibility would improve and you will feel more energetic and focussed.

Why Meditation is a prerequisite for Yoga?

When you start the practice of yoga, your body must be relaxed and not tensed up. More often than not, the students are anxious and tensed up with the anticipation of what is to come next.

Because everyone has some idea of yoga, some vision and often a false notion of a difficult pose they think they have to perform to qualify in Yoga Class. This is just pure fallacy!

We start with simple meditation techniques that will relax your body before you start the asanas. Breathing and meditation training would enhance your relaxed appearance. Actually, the more relaxed you are, the better prepared you would be for learning.

The Basic Program

Every Monday, a new batch starts. The format of the class is 5 days a week starting every Monday. Once, the basic course is over, you can opt for the review class and finetune your techniques. Take life in your hands.

Act now!

Don’t procrastinate the decision. Intelligence means coming to the present moment and facing life headlong without taking recourse to anything else. Remember, your time is limited. Therefore, make a move for joining the class now!


Meditation Retreat: SatDarshan, Anaikatty

The meditation retreat at Satdarshan is a picturesque place where the practice of mindfulness and introspection happens regularly. The feedback about the events conducted here earlier encouraged us to conduct regular programs every week.

We warmly invite you to our Meditation Centre SatDarshan. As a matter of fact, we purely run it for a noble cause for all the Seekers and contemplators.

The Venue & Location of the Meditation Retreat

SatDarshan is a tranquil resort for Meditation located in a calm and quiet atmosphere in Kottathara. Actually, the highlight of this retreat is private access to the perennial Siruvani River with crystal clear water. A real cool spot, indeed!

Facilities at the Resort
  1. Cleanly maintained room with attached bath.
  2. Three times vegetarian food with Tea/Snacks.
  3. Meditations at the sprawling Meditation Hall.

Apart from the above, there are 9 rooms with attached bath and toilet. Additionally, they can accommodate up to 9 persons.  On the other hand, in case of a group booking, sixteen to eighteen or more persons can stay.

The charges for Indian resident is Rs 600/- per person per day and for Foreigners Rs 700/- per person. (The rates may change. Kindly confirm the prevailing rate before booking)

  • Charges are Inclusive of accommodation, vegetarian food, Tea/Coffee and snacks.
  • Charges for the Events fixed according to the facilitator fee and other amenities.
  • Donations accepted gratefully with reverence, as it will aid the management to function better.
Non Profit motive

The objective of this fee is not for the purpose of revenue generation. Mainly to provide for the maintenance and salaries for the staff employed, we collect this fee.  In addition, we have to take care of unexpected damages due to floods and miscellaneous expenses.  Moreover, the amount we charge is a bare minimum taking into account the individual’s minimum expense for a day. Actually, those who are not able to afford this fee can stay free with food, based on the availability of rooms.

Daily Routine

Following is a general routine of SatDarshan.  There may be minor changes according to some situations and events.

5:30 am                     Wake up bell

6.00 -7.00 am            Meditation

8.00 – 8.45 am           Breakfast

9.00 – 10.30 am         Seva (Selfless work)

12.00 -12.30 pm        Meditation

12.30 – 1.15pm          Lunch

4.00 – 4.45 pm           Tea with Sharing

6.30 – 7.30 pm           Meditation

7.30 – 8.15 pm           Dinner

9.00- 10 pm               Last Event & Lights out/Silence

Points to Remember

  • To maintain the ethos and the atmosphere of the place, Alcoholic drinks, Smoking, Non-Vegetarian food items prohibited on the campus.
  • Children below 13 years are not admissible for the participation (Children events organized separately)
  • This is not an amusement resort.  Therefore, it is important to know loud, noisy and boisterous behaviors are best avoided here.
  • One and half hour’s Selfless Seva is Mandatory for this communal livelihood. Because we consider this as a working Meditation.


Address: SatDarshan, 7/634, Vada Kottathara,

Kottathara, Dist.: Palakkad. Pin: 678581

Easily accessible from Coimbatore City – 45 Kms.

Mobile: WhatsApp 9489663755, 9842231582, 9363222785


There were around 13 participants for this program. The camp concluded on Sunday at the Meditation Resort. We explored many meditations, silent sittings, swimming in the river and quietude.  Summing up, in the future, we are looking forward to seeing more people in these gatherings where silence happens.

Take a look at the Gallery for the pictures of the participants.

If you have any comments, please post them here.

Thank you for reading this post.


Welcome to Yoga Dhyan Center!

Yoga Dhyan Center

Meditation Center

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand just like the computer hardware and software!  Although, one may exist without the other, only together they complement each other better.

The emphasis is on practice

In our center, the emphasis is on practice. Only practice makes it perfect. You may have noticed that a lot of people keep reading about yoga. Apart from asking many questions about meditation.  Besides they keep comparing one style with the other.  The reason is simple.


Apparently they don’t understand a simple principle. That is, you can not learn swimming just by talking about it, right? You can only postpone learning!

What is sadana?

Sadana means practicing regularly…doing anything regularly such as yoga and meditation daily by diligently setting aside a time for doing the practice is termed as sadana.  Similarly the practice of taichi forms, nei gung breathing and Qi gong regularly is sadana.

What is Dhyan?

The meaning of dhyan (A Hindi word)  is meditation.  It means staying here and now, doing daily chores with love, care and reverence. Dhyan is allowing existence to flow through you, allowing and letting go. In Yoga Dhyan Center, we do these sadana regularly.

What is witnessing?
Hourglass Clock Is Ticking

Hourglass with sand in red color and glass body stuck by metal frame.

When you are watching your breathing, the incoming and the outgoing silently, you are witnessing the movement of moment to moment.  Actually, witnessing is a beautiful phenomenon. First of all it means you are watching yourself!  Compare this as against Talking, which is functioning from the head.  It also means functioning from the mind, using logic.

That is why in Yoga Dhyan Center, you will see many images of Buddha without the head! The headless Buddha means functioning from the heart!

Heart centered

Heart center!

Staying in your Heart Center

By staying in your heart more often you will enjoy and appreciate everything without judging.  Take a look around, stop judging from the head…accept everything there is, but see only the beauty, laughter and joy. By the way, have you seen a new born pup? The more you move into your heart, the more easy it is to watch and witness…


Witnessing is a quality that needs to be developed. As you go on meditating, a subtle witnessing happens in you. In fact awareness and mindfulness will happen with a little bit of nurturing from your side. In addition, we provide a platform in Yoga Dhyan Center for you to practice.

Watch this space for announcements about Events such as One day Meditation Camps or Yoga Intensive Programs.Thanks for taking time off to read this about yoga and meditation. If you have any comments, please post them here and you will get an answer immediately.

meditation in motion


What are the 3 P’ s of Tai chi?

  • Practice
  • Persistence
  • Perseverance

Let us look at each of these P’s separately.

The first being, Practice.

It is important to practice doing the forms. There are a few basic requirements that needs to start before practicing forms per se. They are Nei Gung and Qi Gong. Each of these breathing techniques and practices bring about so much strength and vitality to your inner organs, doing forms after that becomes simple.

Meditation in motion

Tai Chi

Tai Chi on lake

Meditation in motion means a flowing non hurried way of doing the forms. Relentless practice is the key & the only way to doing the forms gracefully is more and more of practice.

The second P:

Persistence is an offshoot of attitude, shall we say; Reason is, if your attitude becomes a little lukewarm, then the motivation to doing takes a backseat. No matter what, never say die attitude will egg you on to keep going at your practice or sadana.

The third P:

The dictionary defines Perseverance as, “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success” which is almost the corollary of the second P! Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, constant practice makes you stay committed to the activity.


Tai Chi is a gift to the world from China…the land of many zen masters and Tao masters. Even the medical fraternity has acknowledged that regular practice of Tai Chi brings in more harmony, balance in one’s gait, especially in the elderly and prevents falls and imbalance in their AOL(activities of daily living).



Awareness is mindfulness

What is awareness?

Awareness is the ability to watch your thoughts and action as it is happening. Just by being aware you can enter the world of meditation. Actually, watchfulness and witnessing are the tools that help one increase their awareness. Summing up, If you are doing something mechanically or habitually you miss the point!

Zen Masters

That is why the zen masters say that every act is a celebration. They have devised many  ceremonies for simple day to day activities like drinking tea and washing clothes. Actually, one does not have to do something tremendously significant all the time!

As a matter of fact, even simple day to day chores that one does needs this watchfulness and care which would make it very meaningful! Just simple acts of day to day life needs to be celebrated. That is meditation!

Tea Ceremonies

In the world of Zen, masters have devised simple tea ceremonies that are beautiful to watch! They are very slow deliberate movements such as lifting the cup, holding and smelling before sipping. Watching them is so beautiful, so poetic!

Meditation means dhyan:

Therefore, meditation is not something you do for a while and forget all about it in the remaining part of the day. It is a way of living, a new way to see the world. It is a perspective of being in no hurry, being relaxed and accepting everything that happens around you.

Be in wonder

Normally, you take everything for granted. The morning sunrise, evening sunset, rain, wind…everything! It means you are not seeing anything with fresh eyes.

Look at the children!  For them, everything is new! Everything is exciting! There is a wonder in their eyes, there is something darting in their being! They are always raring to go, investigate, and learn.

Nurture your child!

If you reflect deeply, you too had it in the first place. As you grew up demonstrating your ability to compete, you became more ambitious in the bargain. It lead to more ambition, more work, more everything!

All you need to do now is to drop this “more”! Become less, less of greed, less of wanting and more of acceptance, tolerance and relaxation.

Grow in Meditation

Meditation is the seed, when sowed with proper care, grows as a tender plant.  You need to water the plant with love, care, and dedication to make it grow into a delicate plant.  Once dhyan starts growing in you, a beacon of light shows you the way ahead.

Yoga Dhyan Center:

It is a place where you could do meditation, yoga and Tai chi.  Alertness, awareness mindfulness are enough to start the  meditation. Once awareness and mindfulness takes root in you, you will slowly grow in meditation.

When you meditate regularly, you will slowly emerge from the unconscious to the conscious.


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