What are the 3 P’ s of Tai chi?

  • Practice
  • Persistence
  • Perseverance

Let us look at each of these P’s separately.

The first being, Practice.

It is important to practice doing the forms. There are a few basic requirements that needs to start before practicing forms per se. They are Nei Gung and Qi Gong. Each of these breathing techniques and practices bring about so much strength and vitality to your inner organs, doing forms after that becomes simple.

Meditation in motion

Tai Chi

Tai Chi on lake

Meditation in motion means a flowing non hurried way of doing the forms. Relentless practice is the key & the only way to doing the forms gracefully is more and more of practice.

The second P:

Persistence is an offshoot of attitude, shall we say; Reason is, if your attitude becomes a little lukewarm, then the motivation to doing takes a backseat. No matter what, never say die attitude will egg you on to keep going at your practice or sadana.

The third P:

The dictionary defines Perseverance as, “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success” which is almost the corollary of the second P! Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, constant practice makes you stay committed to the activity.


Tai Chi is a gift to the world from China…the land of many zen masters and Tao masters. Even the medical fraternity has acknowledged that regular practice of Tai Chi brings in more harmony, balance in one’s gait, especially in the elderly and prevents falls and imbalance in their AOL(activities of daily living).