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Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand just like the computer hardware and software!  Although, one may exist without the other, only together they complement each other better.

The emphasis is on practice

In our center, the emphasis is on practice. Only practice makes it perfect. You may have noticed that a lot of people keep reading about yoga. Apart from asking many questions about meditation.  Besides they keep comparing one style with the other.  The reason is simple.


Apparently they don’t understand a simple principle. That is, you can not learn swimming just by talking about it, right? You can only postpone learning!

What is sadana?

Sadana means practicing regularly…doing anything regularly such as yoga and meditation daily by diligently setting aside a time for doing the practice is termed as sadana.  Similarly the practice of taichi forms, nei gung breathing and Qi gong regularly is sadana.

What is Dhyan?

The meaning of dhyan (A Hindi word)  is meditation.  It means staying here and now, doing daily chores with love, care and reverence. Dhyan is allowing existence to flow through you, allowing and letting go. In Yoga Dhyan Center, we do these sadana regularly.

What is witnessing?
Hourglass Clock Is Ticking

Hourglass with sand in red color and glass body stuck by metal frame.

When you are watching your breathing, the incoming and the outgoing silently, you are witnessing the movement of moment to moment.  Actually, witnessing is a beautiful phenomenon. First of all it means you are watching yourself!  Compare this as against Talking, which is functioning from the head.  It also means functioning from the mind, using logic.

That is why in Yoga Dhyan Center, you will see many images of Buddha without the head! The headless Buddha means functioning from the heart!

Heart centered

Heart center!

Staying in your Heart Center

By staying in your heart more often you will enjoy and appreciate everything without judging.  Take a look around, stop judging from the head…accept everything there is, but see only the beauty, laughter and joy. By the way, have you seen a new born pup? The more you move into your heart, the more easy it is to watch and witness…


Witnessing is a quality that needs to be developed. As you go on meditating, a subtle witnessing happens in you. In fact awareness and mindfulness will happen with a little bit of nurturing from your side. In addition, we provide a platform in Yoga Dhyan Center for you to practice.

Watch this space for announcements about Events such as One day Meditation Camps or Yoga Intensive Programs.Thanks for taking time off to read this about yoga and meditation. If you have any comments, please post them here and you will get an answer immediately.