Online Yoga Classes

Online yoga class is a real boon! We have just moved into 2022 with lot of hopes and aspirations. The year 2021 was very tough with the second wave of Covid-19 that had deadly effect on the people. Almost every other family suffered a loss of a dear one due to Covid-19. Actually, the effect of the dreaded pandemic affected all spheres of life physical, psychological and economical. So much so, one shivers in anxiety with the impending threat of Omicron variant and its aftermath.

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Online Yoga Class


Online Yoga is cool

A healthy life is a prerequisite for everything in life. Even if you are rich, you can not enjoy anything that money can buy if you lack a healthy body. Money is important but health is more important than money. If you are healthy, you can easily earn money, but if you are ill or suffer from over-weight or diabetes, even day to day management of your activities of daily living- ADLs is in jeopardy.

Yoga means Unification

Everyone knows about yoga. They read books on yoga, watch the ads in the social media Apps, discuss the merits and demerits¬† of different schools of yoga but do not practice it. Perhaps they feel the time has not yet come! They will send their wives and children to a yoga class but they themselves will not join! This is a classic case of ‘passing the buck’ to others.

Actually, taking charge of your life is yoga! I am responsible for everything that happens to me is the first step towards yoga. Online yoga class is a boon in the present circumstances as the pandemic has not waned in any way as expected and the need to build up one’s immunity assumes great importance.

Start your online Practice now!

An ounce of practice is way better than reading books or endlessly comparing the merits and de-merits of different schools of yoga! Rather than postponing, enroll now in a class and derive the benefits right now! Choose the time most suitable for your practice and stay healthy!