How to regain the book reading pastime?

I love reading books. Of late, of course, it has become less. The main culprit -you guessed it!… is the internet. When you spend so much time on a PC or Laptop, naturally the book reading has come down. Even though there is a lot of reading that happens from the browsers, PDFs, EPUB, and Kindle, nothing can replace the charm and glory of reading from a book that you just bought from a bookstore.

Man relaxing on sofa, reading book


The nostalgia of a bygone era…

When I settle down to read the book just then bought, the first thing that I would do was smell the book. It used to be so beautiful, invoking myriad feelings, setting me on a unique journey, that will end only when the last page of the book arrives. Depending on the book, I will sigh long and deep and close the book. Of course, it may not be in one sitting. Sometimes, yes…those were special books!

The Reading Challenge

Let us become specific. How many books can you read this year? If the answer is 6, (assuming 1 book in 2 months), then one way to do it is to list them in the Reading Challenge. If your intentions are clear, then it is possible as everybody would know the books you are reading! Naturally, they will ask you whether you completed the challenge. Or if it is just one of those posts on social media!

Planning to read?

Start today. Just allot 15 min to start with. After 15 minutes, stop even if it’s interesting so that there is something in it for you to come back to. Remember to set a particular time for it. So when the next day arrives, you will start to read exactly at the same time. Now make it 30 minutes and eventually an hour a day. If you continue, who knows, you may have clocked 20 to 24 hours in a month, which is enough to complete one or two books!

Please comment if you liked my suggestions. We will meet again soon on another topic on books. Bye, take care.