The immunity factor

Your immunity plays a major role in successfully warding off or thwarting the dreaded coronavirus infection. Let us face it: The virus is deadly because regardless of your physical fitness, it invades your internal organs.  It could be virus-induced pneumonia or other respiratory tract infection to start with.  Its spread is certain when your defense mechanism is impaired. Fortunately, there are specific methods available to bolster your immunity mechanism. Let us see the steps involved in strengthening immunity.

Coronavirus COVID-19. Corona virus causing pandemic.

Coronavirus COVID-19. Coronavirus causing pandemic.

Breathing exercises or Pranayama

Breathing is the bridge between the body and the mind. Have you noticed the change in your breathing when you are angry? It will come in short, sporadic breaths. Same way when you are scared or fearful due to panic attacks or stressful situations, your breathing becomes short and labored. On the other hand, when you relax and cool, your breathing is calm and smooth.

Deep Breathing is the Key

So instead of yielding to panic and fear, start breathing deeply during these stressful times to be on top of the situation especially when infected with the dreaded virus. Furthermore, becoming fearful of the infection makes you breathe shallow thereby reducing your oxygen intake and saturation.

Building up the immunity

The success of warding off the dreaded virus infection corona is your immunity against the invading virus. Regardless of your physical fitness, the virus attacks your organs. Furthermore, the spread of the virus is certain with your impaired defense mechanism. Fortunately, there are specific methods available to bolster your immunity mechanism. Let us see the steps involved in strengthening immunity.



A Vicious Circle?

Enter corona, you end up with impaired breathing, due to its deadly effect on the respiratory tract, mainly the lungs. Coupled with your fear, the breathing becomes further shallow. Other compounding factors like the fear of the disease itself, the present condition of hospitalization, expenses, and the lurking fear of death. Because of this fear, your oxygen intake becomes less, the might of Corona slowly strengthens its stranglehold of the alveoli in the lungs.  It is a vicious cycle as you can see.  Surely if your oxygen saturation falls below 92%, in the oximetry readings, you will have to go for oxygen supplementation. Therefore, break free from this vicious cycle by adopting these yoga techniques on deep breathing.

Three breathing exercises

Bhujangasan or Cobra Pose

Lie down on your yoga mat with your forehead touching the ground. Hands just below your shoulders and your pelvic girdle slightly elevated forming a V-shape with your buttocks raised. Your toes touching the ground outstretched. Three spots your body is touching the ground, namely your forehead, arms under the shoulders, and your feet outstretched. Take a deep breath and release…

Simha Kriya

Simha Kriya is a simple process of breathing out through your mouth in two ways. The first one with your tongue sticking out and the second with your tongue rolled over to your upper palate. Forcefully breath out through the mouth 21 times first with your tongue out and secondly with your tongue touching your upper palate. This is similar to Kapaalabaathy or the skull shining breath.

Deergha Swasam

Take a deep breath and hold as long as you are comfortable and release. Start with a small count of say 5 seconds and hold for as long as you are comfortable and breathe out slowly. Remember to do it at 70% of your capacity always. This means that if you can breathe in for 10 sec, do it only for 7 seconds initially and slowly over time build it up to 10 secs. Always start with a lesser count than your capacity so that you are always comfortable.

Online yoga class during the pandemic?

Yes, it certainly is the safest option. In the post-pandemic period, online yoga class is the safest option for keeping fit without the risk of being a carrier of the virus to your near and dear.  Can we conclude really that the pandemic is over and done away with? Of course, it is on the wane and is likely to reduce its spread.


We can say that regular practice of these breathing exercises goes a long way in strengthening your lungs. As a result, your oxygenation capacity increases. At Yoga Dhyan Center, we can help you learn the art of doing pranayama and the basic Yoga postures online so that you can safely do it from the comforts of your home. Please give your preferred time to join the online class.

Remember to do the following at all times: Learn to be mindful, practice social distancing, wash hands frequently, and deal with the present situation confidently. Thank you for taking time off to ready this. Remember to post your views and preferred time to join the online Yoga class in the comments section.

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