Online Yoga Class

The aim of this class is to teach the students the techniques of Basic Asanas, Breathing Practices, and Deep Relaxation Techniques. We will be learning the 12 step process of Surya Namaskar which is like a tonic for the nervous system that prepares the students to do their asana poses with ease.

The student will learn, from this program the following:

  • The backward bending asanas
  • Forward bending asanas
  • Inverted asanas
  • Deerga Swasam
  • Meditation
  • Energization techniques
  • Deep relaxation methods

Since yoga is scientific and result-oriented, the regular practice of yoga brings tremendous change in outlook. Besides, focus in life to achieve positive results in every sphere like personal and professional life. Not to leave out improved relationships and efficiency in work and studies.


Regular Yoga practice regulates one’s focus. Besides helping in moving forward with conviction and belief in your capacities.  In addition, it helps in acquiring a clear mind in a healthy, sound body.

Format of the class:

Every day 1 hour for 5 days as Online Class. Since it is preferable to do yoga class on an empty stomach, it is best to start before breakfast or lunch.  Once you enroll, the timing along with the Zoom link will be available. Normally, we restrict the participants in a class to a maximum of 12 per batch.