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Personality Development Course

A unique class for those aspiring to understand themselves better. By joining this program, you could move forward with confidence in your lives. Since this class takes a step-by-step method to acquire clear focus and purpose in life, don’t miss it. Especially since this concerns your role in life in particular!

Enjoy the experience in life

The thrill of working towards the goal is more meaningful than the goal itself, right? Therefore, growth means doing something consistently, not occasionally.  If your interest is growth in your career and personal life, enroll now.  Together, we will explore various aspects of Eastern and Western approaches to Personality Theory.

Aspire to inspire

If you aspire to go the extra mile, that will inspire others to take their first step!  Therefore, the desire to grow or aspire for higher things in life is a step to evolve and inspire others too!  In addition, you will be staying safe in the comfort of your home.!  Therefore, go for this unique course if your interest is growing to become mindful and authentic.

The format of the class

Body, mind, and soul are the 3 aspects of your personality. As a result, when we strengthen only one, the others could lag behind in terms of attention or the lack of it.

The Body: We will strengthen the body through Yoga, Surya namaskar, and Asanas.

The Mind: Using Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, and Guided Meditation, we will address the mind space.

The Bridge: Connecting the body and mind is the bridge called breathing. Using Deep Breathing Techniques like Pranayama, Deerga Swasam, and Kapalapathy, we will take care of the soul or whatever it may be!

Persona to Real Self

Furthermore, you can stay safe in the comfort of your home, but be bold in exploring new ideas! In addition, we will explore and interpolate the different systems of psychological approaches to Personality Theories. Only adopt what is best for each one. After all, what is the use of a theory that does not point a way out?

What do I get?

By doing this course, you will get the following benefits:

  • Sound Sleep
  • Achieve your goals
  • Better blood circulation
  • Clear Focus
  • Tension free lifestyle
  • Relief from stress
  • Get rid of anxiety
The format of the class:

This program is a 3-hour class with a tea break of 15 min.  Therefore, plan your activities and enroll in this class. Surely, by participating actively, you will benefit more from this course.