Online yoga class incorporates breathing techniques like pranayama and deep relaxation techniques.  A clear mind and a peaceful demeanor is the result of this online yoga class.


Online Yoga Beginner

What does it offer?

This program on yoga teaches the fundamentals of Hatha yoga practice. In addition, the student learns to do Surya Namaskar. It is a 12-step sequence of moves that acts as a tonic to do the asanas. Furthermore, breathing and relaxation techniques are also part of the program.

The aim of this yoga class is to provide the students with:

  • basic techniques of asanas
  • breathing practices
  • deep relaxation techniques.

By joining this yoga class, the student will learn

  • backward bending asanas or postures
  • forward bending asanas
  • inverted asanas
Yoga is science

Yoga is a scientific and result-oriented practice. Therefore, the regular practice of it brings tremendous change in one’s outlook with positive results.

Moreover, learning  to do online yoga is safe and very productive. The present situation is conducive only for online classes, as it avoids physical contact.

The duration of the class

The duration of this program is 3 hours. Therefore, it is easy for the participants to grasp the details quickly and follow it in their practice.